Paris Qualifying – Ashton Hills

Pairs Qualifying @ Aston Hills Mt Barker 10/2/19.

29 players and 16 teams headed up the freeway for pairs qualifying. 3 players had to qualify solo but at least everyone qualified. We were able to split the tees which helped out with 8 groups. It was overcast and the course was a lot greener than we had seen lately compared to the other courses.

Another large field and another huge day for scoring with John McKenzie winning the day by 2 with 43 points with his pairs partner Ivan Wootton coming in 2nd on a countback with 41 points.

Look at the results after the first 4 rounds and noticed this:
Game1 Rigby 41 pts (2nd Ivan 40)
Game2 Ivan 41 pts
Game 3 Corey 43 pts
Game 4 John 43 pts.

Now I’m not sure what they put in the drinks at the Clovey but there is a pattern. I’m scared to drug test any player playing for Ingle Farm because god knows what we will find but Today Tonight are on the case. As for Ivan he is almost a paid professional receiving cash every week with a 1st and two 2nd’s so far. A great start.

3rd was Darren Bartholomew 41pts, 4th Dave McLaren with 40 pts, 5th was John Robins 39 pts and rounding out the Top6 was Andy Saint with 38 pts on a 4 way countback. Andy securing 6th after 23 pts on the back nine.

NAGA for the day was 1st gamer (for the year) Jamie Hill 26pts, longest drive was Corey Mather and both nearest to the pins were won by myself (a birdie on the par4).

Pairs matches for Round 1 as follows:
Rank 1 McKenzie/Wootton v Adam/Kellett Rank 16
Rank 8 McCard/McPhedran v Carthew/Mudge Rank 9
Rank 4 Greenshields/Pedersen v Hincks brother Rank 13
Rank 5 Larcombe/Smith v Poser/Wallace Rank 12
Rank 2 Robins/Saint v Pike/Stewart Rank 15
Rank 7 Robinson/Smith v Hill/Wilmshurst Rank 10
Rank 3 Mather/McLaren v Bartholomew/Rigby Rank 14
Rank 6 Bennett/Shepard v Coulthard/Symes Rank 11

The draw is like tennis so the winner of the 1st game will play winner of the 2nd game.

Next game is in 2 weeks time which is singles qualifying at Barossa where the top 16 will fight it out. If singles were this week 32 points would have been needed to get through.

Corey Wins His First Club Trophy – Finegan Sausage Sizzle – McCracken

Captain’s Report – Finegan Sausage Sizzle 13th Hole @ McCracken 3.2.19

32 golfers headed south looking forward to the 2nd holding of the Finegan sausage sizzle at McCracken. Many thanks to Dereen, Billy, Christine, Marty and Rosie for providing this great service on the 13th hole. Enjoyed by all and looking forward to next year. Ray McCard (mascot for the day) did think his sausage was a bit small but he often shares too much information.

Initially we had 35 golfers however 3 were missing in action. Brett Greenshields had a sore eye , Darren Bartholomew needed more beauty sleep and Greg Adam turned up at the wrong course , apparently he was looking at a 2018 program and headed off to the barossa valley!! By all reports he won the day, longest drive and all nearest to the pins. Well played Greg.

The course was dry , greens fine and early on the weather was hot and muggy until the sea breeze kicked in which made conditions more bearable. We had another 4 golfers play their first game for the year, welcome to newcomers Damian Murphy and Trevor Shepard.

Scoring was hot and the winner for the day with a handicap destroying (just before pairs) 43 points was Corey Mather. Runner up with a still impressive 42 points was Jonah. 3rd and wondering what do you have to do to win a round was Frank Poser with 41 points. Not many 41pt games end up 3rd. 4th with 38 was Peter Robinson, 5th was newcomer Trevor Shepard with 36 and rounding out the top6 was Robert Carthew with 35 points (off a hcp of 5!).

Just when there couldn’t be any more excitement Jonah scored the first eagle for the year on the 10th hole after claiming the longest drive on the same hole. Your a legend!!

Nearest to the pins went to Corey Mather (Par4) with a birdie and Billy Finegan had the nearest to the pin on the 13th hole and also sunk the birdie. NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard with 13 points.

Drivers took a bit longer to get home due to a fire at Mt Compass and were diverted off the main road. I’m just writing this to protect people from their partners as most rocked up a lot later than normal. It was nothing to do with the extra beers..just sayin.

Pairs qualifying is on next week at Ashton Hills aka Mt Barker and 15 pairs have registered at this stage. Game on. Ashton Hills will also be the start of the eclectic too.

Ivan Wins His First Club Trophy, The Drummond – Sandy Creek

Another bumper group of 29 players drove north to play for the Drummond Golf Trophy at Sandy Creek. The course was looking dry and the greens were slower than normal , no doubt pumped full of water recently due to the heat. I’m not sure what the temperature hit today but it was nice to sit down after the game , it felt hotter than it probably was but the clubhouse was cold as were the beers.

No Ray McCard today, first time in awhile without his supervision and i’m not sure if this was a coincidence or not but we had 5 new players and prospective future members have a hit. Welcome to Tony Mudge, Doug Osborne, Rob Carthew, Keith Johns and Brett Hughes. This carried on from 2 new players the week before so the future is looking good.

The player that handled the conditions the best and scored a handicap destroying 41 points was Ivan Wootton who takes home the Drummond Golf Trophy. 2nd was Jonah , back in fine form again with 39 points (Colin McPhedran, surely that handicap has to drop eventually??). 3rd went to Peter Robinson with 38 points on a countback from Alan Hincks. 5th went to Dave McLaren with 37 points and rounding out the top 6 was Brett Stewart who scored 35 points.

NAGA for the day and playing with a handicap for the first time was Jamie Coulthard with 15 points. Longest drive went to Wayne Best while the nearest to the pins were Colin Hincks (par3) and Alan Hincks (par4).

Next game is in 2 weeks at McCracken for the Finegan Sausage Sizzle Day.

2019 Tees Off

The 2019 Season got off to a bumper start on 6th Jan, with 30 players out to complete for the first trophy of the year, the Buscumb Trophy.  A very warm welcome to new comers Jamie Coulthard and Terry Stephens. Jamie comes to us via the Clovercrest Hotel and Terry, despite being a mate of Brett Stewart, seems like a really nice bloke.

A shame that Ray McCard could NOT play out the full 18 holes due to poor eye sight. One wonders if he should have spent his money on a white cane, instead of the new Callaway Launcher driver for $400?

Despite some negativity on the new golf shirts they were a HUGE hit and we almost sold out on day 1. Some members even bought shirts for their wife and kids!

Also, it was really pleasing to have so many members paying their $80 subs at the first round – thank you and well done! And thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket, the raffle raised $133 for the club.

Scoring was high with Geoff Rigby having a great start to the year and winning the day with 41points. 2nd went to Ivan Wootton 40points, 3rd was Alan Hincks 39points, 4th was Darren Bartholomew 37points on a countback from Corey Mather who was 5th. Rounding out the top 6 was Jonah with 36 points. Tough to get into the top 6 with 30 players.

NAGA for the day went to Colin McPhedran with 23 points. Nearest to the pins were Chris Kellett Par3 and Brett Greenshields Par4. Longest drive went to Jonah which was measured out at 233m

BBQ duties went to new committee member Wayne Best who was trying to fire up the barbie for at least 5 minutes , pressing away until it was discovered no gas bottle was attached!! Better lift his game for next time.

Congratulations to Geoff Rigby on winning the first trophy of the year, the Buscumb Trophy.We are off to a great start, and I look forward to seeing you at the next round at Sandy Creek on 20th Jan.