Club Championship Round 1- 20 Oct

Beautiful conditions faced 29 golfers with Aston Hills in great condition. 27 qualified golfers all trying to be the 2019 Club Champion. The field had 10 previous club champions , who will it be in 2019?

Aston Hills is a Par 70 course, 3 players played better than handicap while only 1 player disqualified.

The winner for the day with a Net 67 was newcomer Vic Haythorpe. Vic hasn’t qualified but a mighty effort. 2nd place on a count back was Corey Mather Net 69 from Ray McCard 3rd. In 4th place with a Net 71 on a count back was John McKenzie over Warren Smith. Rounding out the top 6 was Alan Hincks with a Net 72.

NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard Net 94. Longest drive went to Clem Bennett while the NTP’s were Vic Haythorpe (par3) and Damian Murphy (par4).

Putting competition was won by Martin Smith 25 putts over Brett Stewart 26 putts.


1 Corey Mather 69
2 Ray McCard 69
3 John McKenzie 71
4 Warren Smith 71
5 Alan Hincks 72
6 Chris Kellett 72
7 David Wilmshurst 72
8 Jamie Hill 73
9 Colin Hincks 73
10 Damian Murphy 73
11 Rob Carthew 74
12 Darren Bartholomew 74
13 Clem Bennett 74
14 Martin Smith 74
15 Ivan Wootton 75
16 Brett Greenshields 75
17 Brett Stewart 75
18 Geoff Rigby 75
19 David McLaren 76
20 Peter Robinson 77
21 Dave Larcombe 78
22 Trevor Shepard 78
23 Frank Poser 78
24 Tony Mudge 82
25 Darren McCard 82
26 Jamie Coulthard 94
27 Wayne Best DQ

Singles Final & Chairmans Trophy – 13 Oct

Chairman’s Trophy @ Victor Harbor 13/10/19

21 golfers headed south for the Single’s Final and the 2nd most important trophy of the year , the Chairman’s Trophy.

We had calm, mild and overcast conditions with the wind picking up a bit in the last nine holes. The course was in great condition. We had an early casualty with Peter Robinson leaving halfway through the 2nd hole with a wrist issue. Club championships are 1 week away so see if he is right next week.

The singles final was played between Colin Hincks (8th seed) and Trevor Shepard (11th seed). Colin gave away 11 shots and won the match 3 & 2. Congratulations Colin.

Scoring was up and some of these players may cop a shot or two with club champs round the corner.

Winning the day and winning the Chairman’s Trophy was Clem Bennett, shooting 41 pts on a count back over 2nd placed Brett Stewart with 41 pts. 3rd on a count back was Keith Johns 40 pts over 4th place Ray McCard. 5th on a count back was Frank Poser 38 pts over Ivan Wootton who rounded out the top 6.

NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard 20 pts. Longest drive went to Clem Bennett. No one hit the 120m Par3 nearest to the pin while Colin Hincks had the nearest on the Par 4 with a birdie.

The 1st round of the club championships are next week at Mt Barker (Aston Hills).

Singles Semi Finals – 29 Sep

Singles Prelims @ Barossa Valley 29/9/19

Perfect conditions faced 22 golfers heading into the Barossa. Blue skies, light winds with the course in great condition. 4 golfers were left in the singles championships.

Game 1 – Trevor Shepard defeated Martin Smith 6 & 5

Game 2 – Colin Hincks defeated Dave Larcombe 3 & 1

The final will be in 2 weeks time at Victor Harbor between Colin Hincks and Trevor Shepard.

Great conditions produced great scores and it was Geoff Rigby who come home in 23 points to win the day with 39 points. 2nd went to Trevor Shepard 38 points on a count back with Peter Robinson. 4th was Colin Hincks 37 points. 5th Ray McCard back in form 36 points and rounding out the top 6 was Darren McCard 35 points.

NAGA for the day was Jamie Coulthard 21 points. Longest Drive went to Wayne Best while nearest to the pins were Tony Mudge (Par4) and new member Vic Haythorpe (Par3).

There was the usual raffle and bbq and overall a great day. Vic enjoyed it so much he ended up playing another 9 holes.

Next game in 2 weeks at Victor Harbor.

Captains Trophy – 22 Sep

Captain’s Trophy @ Links Lady Bay 22/9/19

21 players headed south for the Captain’s Trophy at my favourite course Links Lady Bay. A few people pulled out due to the prospect of bad weather but we were very lucky, it was cold, slightly windy and overcast but no rain. The course was in superb condition.

There were two singles catch up games with Martin Smith defeating Alan Hincks 1 up while in the other game Trevor Shepard took out Ray McCard 2up with Ray needing a win on the last hole to go through he went for the miracle shot and came up short.

Next week singles games for a place in the final are:

Martin Smith v Trevor Shepard

Colin Hincks v Dave Larcombe.

Due to the very high slope rating of the course most golfers had an extra shot or two up their sleeve.

Scoring was still tough and it was Chris Kellett who won the day with 33 pts. 2nd was Brett Stewart 31pts. 3rd on a count back was Martin Smith over myself 29 pts. 5th on a count back was Frank Poser over 6th place Trevor Shepard scoring 28 pts.

NAGA for the day on a three way count back was Andrew Saint 20 pts, coming home with 3 pts in his last 6 holes. Longest Drive went to Corey Mather while the nearest to the pins was an Alan Hincks double taking out both.

Next game in 1 week at Nuriootpa for the singles preliminary finals and the last round of the eclectic for the year.

Car Cleaning Guy Trophy – 8 Sep

Captain’s Report – Car Cleaning Guy Trophy @ Penfield 8/9/19

This annual event means that the Club Championships are just around the corner.

20 golfers faced all the seasons today. It started off cool, calm and overcast then we had blue skies with a bit of wind followed by a decent shower late in the game.

There were 2 guests welcomed, Vic and Ryan. Hope you enjoyed the day.

We played off the big boy blue tees, stroke with a putting competition thrown in. We had preferred lies tree line to tree line and different flags and holes to aim for, but we got through it unscathed, except 1 player who disqualified himself on the 12th hole.

The winner with a handicap reducing Net 66 was Randy Wallace. 2nd 2 shots behind was John McKenzie Net 68. 3rd was Dave Larcombe Net 69. 4th was Tony Mudge Net 70. 5th was myself with a Net 72. Rounding out the top 6 was Alan Hincks on a count back over Darren Bartholomew Net 73.

NAGA for the day went to new comer Vic Haythorpe with a Net 84. Longest drive went to Colin Hincks while nearest the pin par 4 went to Alan Hincks and the Par 3 went to Darren Bartholomew.

The putting competition was won by Randy Wallace with 25 putts with second place Tony Mudge 27 putts.

A bbq was enjoyed by all after the game.

Next game is in 2 weeks and is the Captain’s Trophy at Links Lady Bay.

Pairs Final – Willunga 25 Aug

Pairs Final @ Willunga 25/8/19

23 players headed south with 2 groups still playing for Pairs glory. It was a tad chilly but calm and overcast.

3rd place playoff was between No#1 ranked John McKenzie/Ivan Wootton versus #10 ranked Jamie Hill/Dave Wilmshurst. There was plenty of lost balls, water issues and three putts but Jamie and I won 5 & 3 to take 3rd place.

The final was between #5 Dave Larcombe/Martin Smith versus #6 Clem Bennett/Trevor Shepard. The game came down to the wire with Clem and Trevor winning their first pairs trophy 3 and 1. Congratulations.

No golfer broke their handicap but the winner for the day was Ray McCard (brought to you by his sponsor 97 bikes formerly 99 bikes) with 35 points. Runner up was Jamie Hill 34 points. 3rd on a count back was myself over Warren Smith 33 points. 5th was Clem Bennett 32 and rounding out the top 6 was Randy Wallace 31 points.

NAGA for the day Jamie Coulthard 16 points. Longest drive went to Trevor Shepard. NTP Par 3 Peter Robinson with a birdie. NTP Par 4 to Dave McLaren.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Penfield

Eclectic Trophy Update

After the 4th round of the Eclectic Trophy, there is no change at the top of the leaderboard. Martin Smith retains a 3 point lead over John McKenzie, The final round of the Eclectic is at Barossa on 29th Sept.

Click Here for >> Eclectic Leaderboard

4th Avenue Deli – Aston Hills

Captains Report …

4th Avenue Deli Trophy @ Aston Hills 11/8/19

19 Golfers headed up the freeway facing brisk, windy, rainy conditions. Mud rule through the green was enforced and after nearly every shot the ball had to be cleaned. Two golfers left early, 1 after 5 holes the other after 6.

Due to the conditions scoring was tough and no one broke their handicap.

The winner for the day scoring 35 points was Warren Smith. 2nd on a three way countback was Colin Hincks 32 points followed by Dave Larcombe and Frank Poser. 5th went to Ray McCard 30 points while rounding out the top 6 was Brett Stewart with 29 points.

NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard 20 points while the longest drive was Brett Stewart, NTP Par 3 went unclaimed and the Par4 NTP was myself.

2 out of the 4 singles games were played with Colin Hincks defeating Darren Bartholomew 4 & 2. The other match had Dave Larcombe defeating Geoff Rigby 3 & 1. Colin and Dave will face off next round with the other 2 games to be played in the future.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Willunga for the Pairs final as well as 3rd place playoff match.

John Lomas Par – Murray Bridge

Captains Report …

John Lomas Par Competition @ Murray Bridge 28/7/19

22 players headed up the freeway to play the annual par competition in honour of the late John Lomas.

We faced cool calm overcast conditions, preferred lies and mud rule.

The chairman was a late withdrawal but we soldiered on, scoring was tough with only 1 player breaking their handicap.

The winner for the day and making it back to back par competitions was Frank Poser with +2.

2nd on a countback was Warren Smith over Alan Hincks E, 4th on a countback was Dave Larcombe over John McKenzie -1. 6th on a three way countback was Andrew Saint -2.

NAGA on a three way countback was Randy Wallace -10. Longest Drive went to Trevor Shepard while nearest to the pins were Martin Smith (par3) and John McKenzie (par4).

Next game is in 2 weeks at Ashton Hills which is for 8 remaining players round 2 of the singles.

2019 Winter Golf Getaway

Captains Report … Weekend. Waikerie, Loxton & Berri 12/7/19-14/7/19

As per tradition, the Golf Getaway Weekend got underway with the Funky Larry Trophy at Waikerie. 18 players faced a few showers with windy overcast conditions about. This lead-up competition is getting that popular that Jonah even drove up just for the day’s play.

The incredible hulk was sighted on the 6th hole when after a few ordinary shots Brett Greenshields decided to “Hulk Smash” and in the blink of an eye had destroyed 3 clubs and a buggy”. Not a great start to the weekend, he was minus a driver, 5 wood and a sand wedge for the rest of the trip.

The winner for the day who enjoyed the spoils of victory including a fair bit of cash, 17 drinks and an oddly shaped trophy, turning back the clock was Colin McPhedran who scored 34 points in difficult conditions. It was fair to say Colin took the offer of all 17 drinks and was working his way through round 2 when he finally went to bed. He made it to breakfast the next day, what a legend.

Nearest to the pins were Jamie Hill, Andrew Saint, Craig Bartholomew and Jamie Hill (Par 3’s). The Par 4 went to Colin McPhedran while longest drive went to Peter Robinson. The winner of the front nine was Jonah with 17 points while the back went to Colin McPhedran 19 points.

Friday night came and went without too much action, with most golfers tucked away nice and early.

The first round of the competition was at Loxton. 21 golfers faced a fresh morning but luckily blue skies. The port was flowing early and hopes were high. Greg Adam wasn’t able to play but turned up as the course photographer, taking hundreds of photo’s ( of the ground, the sky, his buggy’s steering wheel) which will be sorted out and posted soon. Thanks a lot Greg for being the course photographer, we are looking forward to seeing your work.

Clubhouse leader after the day’s play was Darren Bartholomew 38 pts from Craig Bartholomew (all the way from Queensland) 36pts. 3rd was Hulk smash 34 points, with the next 3 all scoring 32 points being, John Robins, Jamie Hill and Ivan Wootton.

NAGA for the day was Jeff PIke 18 pts with the longest drive Craig Bartholomew. Nearest to the pins went to Craig Bartholomew (par3) while I got the par4.

Saturday night we all watched the crows win but more importantly we had the biggest raffle ever and the now world famous putting competition. As always a great night and a lot more golfers enjoyed themselves staying up into the wee hours.

Sunday morning arrived and we were faced with an Ingle Farm first. Warren Smith became the first golfer in history to order off the secret menu pancakes for breakfast. I’m sure a fine of some sort will be arranged in the near future. He was last seen arguing with a staff member about getting another scoop of ice cream.

20 players made it to Berri with Jeff Pike retiring hurt before the days play. Cool and overcast again and scoring was difficult.

The winner with 33 points was Darren Bartholomew, 2nd was a 5 way count back with 30 points to Jamie Hill, Brett Greenshields, Warren Smith, Brett Stewart and Craig Bartholomew. NAGA went to Martin Smith 20 points while nearest to the pins were Craig Bartholomew (par3) and Jamie Hill (par4). Longest drive was Alan Hincks.

The results of the Golf Getaway Weekend after 2 rounds were as follows:

Darren Bartholomew won the weekend and his first Getaway Trophy scoring 71 pts. 2nd was Craig Bartholomew 66 pts, 3rd Brett Greenshields 64 pts., 4th Jamie Hill 62 points. 5th John Robins 59 points. 6th Brett Stewart 58 points.

Link to Ray McCard Video Putting >>

Link to  >> The Chairman’s Awards – 2019 Winter Golf Getaway

Flagstaff Hill – 30 June – Pairs

Captains Report – Pairs Semi Finals

19 players faced cool calm conditions. Four teams remained in the hunt for the pairs trophy.

The course copped a lot of rain yesterday and we had preferred lies between tree lines (even in rough) to help our cause.

The course wasn’t in the best condition overall but the greens were slick (pennant matches on today) and course management was a must.

The first pairs match was between top seeds John McKenzie/Ivan Wootton and 5th seeded Dave Larcombe/Martin Smith. The game came down to the wire with Dave Larcombe/Martin Smith winning on the last to finish 2 Up.

The second match was between 6th seeded Clem Bennett/Trevor Shepard against 10th seeded Jamie Hill/David Wilmshurst . After 9 nine holes it was all square but then the putting kings put their foot down and won the next 5 holes straight. Clem Bennett/Trevor Shepard winning 5 & 4.

The Final will now be Dave Larcombe/Martin Smith v Clem Bennett/Trevor Shepard while 3rd place will be between John McKenzie/Ivan Wootton v Jamie Hill/Dave Wilmshurst.

Scoring was tough and no player broke their handicap. The winner on a count back was Clem Bennett 35 points while 2nd went to Dave Larcombe. 3rd was Darren Bartholomew 34 points. 4th on a countback was Trevor Shepard over Dave Wilmshurst 33 points. Rounding out the top6 was Brett Stewart with 32 points.

Longest drive went to Darren Bartholomew while nearest to the pins went to Jamie Coulthard (Par3) and Brett Stewart (Par4). NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard with 8 points.

Now just when you thought you weren’t having a great day scoring 8 points, it got worse for Jamie earlier in the game. Jamie ducked behind a tree answering the call of nature when a ball landed near him and nearly got him in the special place. He looked around to see if he could see anyone that may have hit it , but no luck. So he thought stuff them for nearly hitting me and finished his wizz covering the ball. It wasn’t until a bit later that he realised that he was missing his spare ball which he keeps in his pocket which fell out while he … you guessed it, was having the wizz!

Next game in 2 weeks is the Funky/Larry trophy Friday (Waikerie) followed by the Golf Getaway, Saturday and Sunday at Loxton and Berri.

Balaklava – 16th June – Dinning Trophy

Captains Report

21 golfers headed out to Balaklava for the Dinning Trophy. The weather report earlier in the week had us a bit worried but we faced cool calm conditions with blue skies.

The course was in a decent condition but we did have GUR on some greens, preferred lies and a mud rule.

We played off the white tees which had a slope rating of 110 so must people had a lower handicap than normal for the day.

There was a catch-up pairs game between Dave Larcombe/Marty Smith and Alan and Colin Hincks. Dave and Marty getting up 2 & 1.

The winner of the Dinning trophy with 41 points was Alan Hincks. He finished 2 ahead of Clem Bennett 39 points. 3rd was a count back with Jeff Pike ahead of Dave WIlmshurst 38 points. 5th went to Darren Bartholomew 36 points. Rounding out the Top 6 was late comer Andrew Saint on a three way count back 35 points.

Longest Drive went to John McKenzie. The Par 4 did not go off while the Par 3 was Rob Carthew.

NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard who had a last hole tussle with Corey Mather , but Corey’s 3 pts was better than Jamie’s 1 pt and Jamie took the NAGA with 22 points.

After the game we were treated to a two course meal, thanks again Balaklava.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Flagstaff Hill where the last 4 teams will fight it out for the Pairs.

I will leave you with this gem from Ray McCard.

” This is really nice steak, tender.” It’s marinated chicken Ray !!!

And Robbo was the happiest golfer of them of all. Determined to win 3rd prize in the raffle, he even had his hands on the prize when the last ticket was drawn ………  and he pulled it off!  Winning the Furphy stubby holder and beany!

Sandy Creek – 2nd June – Singles and Eclectic

Captains Report

Singles Round 1 (take 2) @ Sandy Creek 2.6.19

The first game of winter didn’t disappoint as 29 golfers headed north for Round 1 singles action. It was also the 3rd round of the eclectic. Conditions were cool, calm and overcast. Misty rain was about early and some of the last groups copped a shower or two. The course wasn’t in the best condition with preferred lies and a few damaged greens but i’m sure it will recover to past glories.

The Match review panel will be sitting tomorrow night to discuss a few incidents from today’s play.
1. Frank Gunther Poser left his wheels at home again. Surely a fine only
2. Dave Larcombe hit his ball into a distance marker which ricocheted back into his shin. No case to answer.
3. Brett Greenshields and Peter Pedersen lasted 11 holes (being in group 7) and were seen packing their gear away and screaming out the car park just as the 1st group were packing up. Peter Robinson wasn’t far behind them and was seen paying for the next round while walking down the last hole which isnt a good sign for hanging around after the round.
Brett and Peter’s penalty will be open for public opinion so please offer any ideas.
4. Damian Murphy a 4 game veteran had a four putt and in anger lashed out and hit his ball with his putter which went straight towards Colin McPhedran’s groin area and left a nice mark. Now it aint a good idea to hit the handicapper of the club and I’m sure Colin will deal out a penalty for Damian.

Singles results:
Darren Bartholomew (16) took out the 1st seed Peter Robinson 5 & 4.
Martin Smith (2) defeated Dave McLaren (15) 7 & 5.
Ray McCard (3) defeated Damian Murphy (14) 6 & 5
Geoff Rigby (13) defeated Brett Stewart (4) 4 & 2
Dave Larcombe (12) defeated John McKenzie (5) 2 & 1
Trevor Shepard (11) defeated John Robins (6) 2up
Alan Hincks (7) defeated Frank Gunther Poser (10) 5 & 4
Colin Hincks (8) defeated Clem Bennett (9) 2 & 1

Next games will be:
Colin Hincks v Darren Bartholomew
Dave Larcombe v Geoff Rigby
Martin Smith v Alan Hincks
Ray McCard v Trevor Shepard

Today’s results overall.

In tough, grinding conditions only the best can win and for the first time this year it was me with 40 points. It was a magnificent display and if anyone wants a hole by hole description please fell free to inbox me. 2nd went to Darren McCard with 38 points. So it was a captain/chairman double. 3rd went to Tony Mudge 36 points. 4th in a three way countback was Dave Larcombe followed by Alan Hincks and 6th was Ray McCard all having 35 points.

NAGA went to Brett Stewart with 23. Longest Drive went to Rob Carthew while nearest to the pins were Rob Carthew (par4 and birdie) and Par3 Colin Hincks.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Balaklava and don’t forget Getaway deposits.

Time for a nice victory shiraz, chow for now.

Martin Smith sits on top of the Eclectic leaderboard, after doing enough to break the tie with John McKenzie. Martin now leads John by 3 pts with two rounds to go. Chris Kellett is lurking dangerously back in 3rd place, but look out for Ivan Wootton in 4th place.

The next round of the Eclectic is on 11th August at Ashton Hills.


Kapunda – 19th May – Memorial Trophy

Chairman’s Report

21 players and 1 partner travelled to Kapunda to play the annual memorial round, where hand picked teams from the Captain and the Chairman compete against each other in honour of former Ingle Farm golfers who have passed away.   The Chairman’s team got off to a cracked start, with both John McKenzie and John Robbins topping the scoring with 42 pts.  It was then slim pickings for the Chariman and the Captain’s Team secured the next 5 places.   Scoring was red hot with 40 pts only being enough to secure Robbo 5th place.   Overall, the Captains Team won with a scoring average of 35.20 versus the Captain’s 31.18.  It takes Willy to an overall 2 to 1 lead over the Chairman Darren McCard.


Winner:  John McKenzie 42
Runner up:   John Robbins 42
3rd: Geoff Rigby 40
4th Darren Bart 40
5th Peter Robinson 40
6th Jeff Pike 39

NTP Par 3 – Colin Hincks + Birdie

NTP Par 4 – Rob Carthew + Birdie

Long Drive – Frank Poser

Pars in a Row:  Power, Mather, Carthew

NAGA:  Jamie Coulthard

Player S/Ford Score Team
John McKenzie 42 Chairman
John Robbins 42 Chairman
Geoff Rigby 40 Captain
Darren Bartholomew 40 Captain
Peter Robinson 40 Captain
Jeff Pike 39 Captain
Alan Hincks 34 Captain
Darren McCard 34 Chairman
Chris Kellett 34 Chairman
Brett Stewart 33 Captain
Warren Smith 32 Captain
Dave Larcombe 32 Captain
Corey Mather 32 Captain
Frank Poser 32 Chairman
Colin Hincks 31 Chairman
Big Willy 30 Captain
Rob Carthew 30 Chairman
Ray McCard 30 Chairman
Tony Mudge 29 Chairman
Ivan Wootton 23 Chairman
Jamie Coulthard 16 Chairman

Mount Compass 5th May

Pairs Round 2 – Captains Report

Well it has been 3 weeks since our last game and weren’t people keen. 30 players ventured south for a hit to face cool , calm overcast conditions. The course was in great condition and the rough was brutal for the players that didn’t hit a fairway.

Round 2 of the pairs got under way with 3 games being played chasing a spot in the last 4.

John McKenzie and Ivan Wootton aka “The Beagle Boys” took care of business 3 & 2 over Darren McCard and Colin McPhedran.

Jonah and Trevor Shepard were all square and went through on rank over Darren Bartholomew and Geoff Rigby.

Jamie Hill and yours truly won 6 & 4 over Brett Stewart and Jeff Pike.

So the next round will be:
John McKenzie/Ivan Wootton v winner of the Hinck’s brothers v Dave Larcombe/Martin Smith

Jonah/Trevor Shephard v Jamie Hill/Dave Wilmshurst.

Scoring was tough today but the player that shone and won the day with 35 points was Chris Kellett. 2nd place went to Jamie Hill with 34 points. 3rd on a three way countback with 32 was Peter Robinson, from Rob Carthew and Tony Mudge. Rounding out the top 6 was Frank Poser with 31 points.

Longest Drive went to Dave McLaren with a monster drive while ntp’s were Geoff Rigby (par4) and Alan Hincks with a birdie (par3). NAGA for the day went to Brett Stewart with 20 points.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Kapunda playing for the memorial trophy (captain’s v chairman’s teams) which will be picked at the Clovercrest Hotel the day before.

2019 Winter Golf Getaway

The Ingle Farm Golf Club is proud to announce details for the much anticipated 2019 Winter Golf Getaway.  The attached flyer provides you with everything you need to know. Get your deposit in fast, to avoid disappointment.  Click here for details 

Bus Trip – Clare Masters 14 Apr

Captain’s Report

20 golfers and 2 caddies headed north on the resurrected and infamous Bus Trip to Clare for the Clare Masters.

The Bus headed off early and the West End was flowing early, seriously who still buys west end? Ray had one job and failed dismally quoting “Beer is Beer”.

Things went smoothly early until the second pick up point was reached which was the OTR Munno Para, Geoff Rigby turned up at a different OTR and met us at the right one eventually delaying things a little but at least we had west end to keep us company.

After a pleasant trip we turned up to Clare to face mild conditions with a bit of breeze around the place. We had the place to ourself and while the fairways were a bit dry the greens were in fine condition.
After 9 holes we had a quick bbq with a snag and some onions (on the bottom) before we got going again.

Many things are learnt on bus trips, kiwis sit down to pee, Frank Poser can’t drive carts nearly decapitating his pairs partner Randy Wallace by driving a cart straight into a sign, never give a bottle of Cointreau to the last group and that Corey Mather still needs a handicap readjustment.

The winner for the day was Corey Mather with a very impressive 40 points winning by 4 points over Brett Stewart 36pts who won on a countback over 3rd place Chris Kellett.

4th on a 5 way countback with 35 pts was Dave Larcombe, 5th Darren McCard and rounding out the top 6 was Ivan Wootton.

NAGA went to Jeff Pike 26 pts while longest drive was Trevor Shepard. NTP’s were John McKenzie Par3 and Brett Stewart with a birdie Par4.

Another fun day had by all, plenty of stories and what if’s on the way back as a few beers were had by all. A few even went back to the Clovey to keep the day alive.

3 weeks until the next game at Mt Compass.

Thaxted Park –  7 April

Chairman’s Report – Well, the golfing gods did not smile on Ingle Farm Golf Club this week.   During the week, Colin Hincks fell off a ladder and ended up in hospital with broken ribs and a busted shoulder. The Vines Golf Club cancelled our round scheduled for 2nd June.   Our stand in Captain for Thaxted Park (Jamie Hill) cut his hand off clipping his nails, and then today … DISASTER!!!!!. No draw sheet for Singles, no handicap list, no nothing !!!   Players ended up teeing off at random using the last handicap that they could remember!   So, unfortunately the Singles Play offs did not occur today. The committee will soon advise as to how we deal with that.

But despite the drama, we got away and played a round of golf. Some of us even had a good day. Dave McLaren had a day out and returned to his 2 x time club championship form. Despite scrubbing the first hole, he won the day with 41 pts, and it included an EAGLE on the par 5 6th Hole. Well done Macca!   The full results were:

WINNER:   David McLaren 41 pts

RUNNER UP: Geoff Rigby 36

3RD:       Mark Symes 36

4TH:       Frank Poser   36

5TH:       Clem Bennett   35

6TH:       Peter Robinson   35

NTP PAR 3: Mark Symes

NTP PAR 4: Peter Robinson + Birdie

LONG DRIVE: Dave McLaren

N.A.G.A:   Jamie Coulthard 9pts

CONSECUTIVE PARS: Trevor Shephard, Rob Carthew, John McKenzie

Apologies to all players for the stuff up today, and thank you for your understanding. There will be full Royal Commission in to what happened. Looking forward to the Bus Trip this Sunday. Remember, the bus leaves the Club at 7am sharp!

Please note the following change to the 2019 Ingle Farm Golf Program, due course unavailability.


Sunday 2nd June – The Vines

Tee Off 8.30am


Sunday 2nd June – Sandy Creek

Tee Off 9am

Pairs Round 1 – Tanunda 24 March

From the Captain –

Nothing like pairs to bring out the crowds. 30 golfers headed north in anticipation of the first round of the pairs. The weather was calm and mild and the course was in great condition.

The winner for the day and in fine form so far this year was Ivan Wootton winning with a huge 45 points, not the best time to have a handicap hit but who cares , its 45 pts. 8 points away in 2nd place with 37 pts was John Robins while 3rd after losing on a countback was Warren Smith with 37pts, 4th on a 6 way countback was Chris Kellett 36 pts , from John McKenzie 5th and Alan Hincks 6th all with 36 pts. 3 unlucky golfers also had 36 but missed out.

NAGA for the day was Jamie Coulthard with 22 pts.
Thanks to Tanunda Pines who donated 3 bottles of red which were handed out to the longest drive winner Rob Carthew and nearest to the pin winners Ivan Wootton par3 and Trevor Shepard par4.

Next game is in 2 weeks at Thaxted Park and 16 players will face round 1 of the singles.

The pairs results were as follows:

Round 1 results.

Rank 1 – John McKenzie & Ivan Wootton WON 7 & 5 against Rank 16 Chris Kellett & Ray McCard – Ivan was truly magnificent and was the star of this group. Ray McCard let Chris Kellett down.  Who swapped Ray’s clubs around, resulting in him hitting the wrong club twice?

Rank 2 – John Robins & Andrew Saint LOST 1up against Rank 15 Jeff Pike & Brett Stewart – A huge upset, with the 2nd rank team being knocked out.  Many questions will be asked.

Rank 3 – Corey Mather & Dave McLaren LOST 3 & 1 against Rank 14 Darren Bartholomew & Geoff Rigby.  Another poor performance by a top seed.  Macca the weak link in this group?

Rank 4 – Brett Greenshields & Peter Pedersen NO GAME against Rank 13 Alan Hincks & Colin Hincks

Rank 5 – Dave Larcombe & Martin Smith NO GAME against Rank 12 Frank Poser & Randy Wallace

Rank 6 – Clem Bennett & Trevor Shepard WON 5 & 4 against Rank 11 Jamie Coulthard & Mark Symes.  Jonah and Shep just too good in this match.

Rank 7 – Peter Robinson & Warren Smith LOST 3 & 1 against Rank 10 Jamie HIll & David Wilmshurst.  An injured Warren Smith played his heart out, but the in form Robbo was nowhere to be seen, and let his partner down badly.

Rank 8 – Darren McCard & Colin McPhedran WON 3 & 2 against Rank 9 Rob Carthew & Tony Mudge.  A titanic struggle with Carthew and Mudge being 2 up early.  Tony put on an exhibition of driving the golf ball.  But, McPhedran and McCard hung in there and dug deep, to turn it around on the back nine.  A courageous performance.

Round 2

John McKenzie & Ivan Wootton v Darren McCard & Colin McPhedran (the match of the round)

Catch up game – Brett Greenshields & Peter Pedersen v Alan & Colin Hincks

Catch up game – Dave Larcombe & Martin Smith v Frank Poser & Randy Wallace

Jeff Pike & Brett Stewart v Jamie Hill & David Wilmshurst

Darren Bartholomew & Geoff Rigby v Clem Bennett & Trevor Shepard

Summer Getaway – 16/17 March

From the Captain –

Summer Getaway at Victor Harbor and South Lakes Goolwa 16/3/19 – 17/3/19

The 1st round of the summer getaway commenced at the picturesque victor harbor golf course. 13 golfers were in the hunt for the two round competition. Weather wise the conditions were perfect but unfortunately the greens were only recently cored and were not much fun at all, very furry and very slow.

The winner for the day with a very impressive 41 pts under tough putting conditions was John Robins, 2nd was Ray McCard 40 pts, 3rd was Andrew Saint 36 pts, 4th in a three way countback was Alan Hincks, Brett Greenshields and Brett Stewart all with 34 pts.

The NAGA winner was Dave Larcombe 21 pts while the longest drive was Wayne Best. Nearest to the pin Par3 went to Bill Finegan while no one took out the nearest to the pin par4.

After Saturdays games 12 of the golfers, partners and kids went back to the caravan park for a bbq dinner under lights listening to Ray Attenborough and the comedy duo of Ray and Billy. The kookaburras turned up again to say hi. A great night again. Thanks to Brett Greenshields and Chris Pike for organising everything and to John and Wayne for cooking.

Sunday morning a few extra players joined a few blurry golfers for the second round at Goolwa South Lakes. 17 players faced calm overcast conditions with the wind picking up later in the round.
Frank Poser drove down from Adelaide and drove back home a winner with 38 pts. 2nd went to Wayne Best 37 pts, 3rd Ray McCard 36 pts, 4th Jonah 35 pts, 5th Jamie Hill 34 pts and 6th went to Peter Robinson after a three way countback 33 pts.

Speaking of countbacks there was a 5 way countback for NAGA with Geoff Rigby taking the honours with 26 pts. Longest drive went to Jonah, while nearest to the pins were Brett Greenshields Par3 and Wayne Best Par4.

After 2 rounds the winner of the 2019 Summer Getaway was Ray McCard with 76 pts. An investigation is currently underway to see if his new bionic eyes are legal to enter any further competitions. 2nd was Wayne Best 69 pts, 3rd John Robins 68 pts, 4th Alan Hincks 67, 5th Jamie Hill 66 pts and 6th Brett Stewart 66 pts.

First round of the pairs is next week at Tanunda Pines.

Northern Hydraulic Trophy
West Lakes 3rd March

From the Captain – 23 golfers faced warm overcast conditions at West Lakes, trying to win the prestigious Northern Hydraulic Trophy. The winner for the day receives a night out with Ray , runner up wins 2 nights. Last year’s winner was very happy with the night out , and by all reports the night was a hit. Last years winner was Ray McCard.

The course was nice and green and in good condition. Its a Par70 and the course is tight with small undulating greens.
The player that handled the conditions the best and the winner for the day was Brett Stewart with a very nice 38 pts. Brett is really looking forward to his night out. Runner up was Peter Robinson with 37pts, 3rd was Tony Mudge with a solid 36pts, 4th on a countback was Wayne Best 35 from Jeff Pike. Thanks Wayne for taking care of pot of gold duties. Rounding out the top 6 was Martin Smith on a 4 way countback with 33 pts.

NAGA on a countback was Terry Stephens with 19 pts, I wont mention the who else scored 19 but Andrew Saint was really happy. Longest drive went to John Robins while ntp’s were Martin Smith (par3) and Darren McCard (par4).

Not much else happened for the day, Colin McPhedran is taking some time off to discover life the universe and everything and Darren Bartholomew after a long hard game in the sun ordered a raspberry at the bar. I was confused and frightened and had to mention it.

Next game in 2 weeks is the Summer Getaway over 2 rounds.

Singles Qualifying – Barossa

Chairman’s Report – Singles Qualifying – Barossa Valley 24th Feb.

Another huge field turned up for Singles Qualifying. It would have been even bigger, if our Captain Big Willy turned up, leaving stand in Jamie Hill to perform the Captain duties for the day, and he did an excellent job. Apparently Big Willy had a Big day at the cricket yesterday! Brett Greenshields was also a no show … nobody knows why … and nobody really cared.

A lack of water has taken a toll on the fairways. Although very dry, they played well and players appreciated the extra roll they provided. Scoring was white hot, with 34 pts the minimum required to get you into the top 16 and qualify for the next round. Dave McLaren had 34 pts but was beaten into 17th place on a countback and did not qualify.

Robbo was best of the day, with 40 pts to win on countback from Martin Smith. It was good to see Robbo stay back for presentation. Rob Carthew had an eagle putt lip out on the 5th hole. Darren McCard’s tee shot on the par 3 3rd hole hit the edge of the tee block and ricocheted back 10 metres behind him, but he nearly holed his second from the back of the tee block (what a recovery!). And how well is Corey Maher going? He was adamant that he had lost Eclectic card. He could not find it anywhere. After being threatened with a $50 fine, he somehow found it ……. in his back pocket!

And a very special mention to the superstar Ryan Christoff.  He drove Ray McCard around in the buggy all day, and by all reports did a great job, only running into one tree. He also sold the raffle and broke the all-time club record for raffle collection, raising $125 dollars. Well done Ryan!

NOTE: For the next round, West Lakes may not be able to accommodate the large fields we have been having lately. Hopefully, we can get everyone in, but some may have to miss out. So, make sure you pay for next week EARLY. If we have to restrict the filed, we will do it on a “who paid first basis”.

Barossa Results:
Winner: Peter Robinson 40 pts
Runner Up: Martin Smith 40
3rd: Jamie Hill 37
4th: Ray McCard 38
5th: Brett Stewart 38
6th: John McKenzie 38
NTP Par 3: Jeff Pike
NTP Par 4: Martin Smith
Long Drive: Dave Larcombe
NAGA: Jamie Coulthard 23
Consecutive Pars: Hill, Robbo, Al Hincks, Poser

Singles Qualifiers (Top 16):
Peter Robinson 40 pts
Martin Smith 40
Jamie Hill 37
Ray McCard 38
Brett Stewart 38
John McKenzie 38
John Robins 37
Alan Hincks 36
Colin Hincks 36
Clem Bennett 36
Frank Poser 36
Trevor Shepard 35
Dave Larcombe 35
Lee Wootton 34
Geoff Rigby 34
Damien Murphy 34
Macca, BartMan, Ivan, Rob Carthew, J.Pike

Paris Qualifying – Ashton Hills

Pairs Qualifying @ Aston Hills Mt Barker 10/2/19.

29 players and 16 teams headed up the freeway for pairs qualifying. 3 players had to qualify solo but at least everyone qualified. We were able to split the tees which helped out with 8 groups. It was overcast and the course was a lot greener than we had seen lately compared to the other courses.

Another large field and another huge day for scoring with John McKenzie winning the day by 2 with 43 points with his pairs partner Ivan Wootton coming in 2nd on a countback with 41 points.

Look at the results after the first 4 rounds and noticed this:
Game1 Rigby 41 pts (2nd Ivan 40)
Game2 Ivan 41 pts
Game 3 Corey 43 pts
Game 4 John 43 pts.

Now I’m not sure what they put in the drinks at the Clovey but there is a pattern. I’m scared to drug test any player playing for Ingle Farm because god knows what we will find but Today Tonight are on the case. As for Ivan he is almost a paid professional receiving cash every week with a 1st and two 2nd’s so far. A great start.

3rd was Darren Bartholomew 41pts, 4th Dave McLaren with 40 pts, 5th was John Robins 39 pts and rounding out the Top6 was Andy Saint with 38 pts on a 4 way countback. Andy securing 6th after 23 pts on the back nine.

NAGA for the day was 1st gamer (for the year) Jamie Hill 26pts, longest drive was Corey Mather and both nearest to the pins were won by myself (a birdie on the par4).

Pairs matches for Round 1 as follows:
Rank 1 McKenzie/Wootton v Adam/Kellett Rank 16
Rank 8 McCard/McPhedran v Carthew/Mudge Rank 9
Rank 4 Greenshields/Pedersen v Hincks brother Rank 13
Rank 5 Larcombe/Smith v Poser/Wallace Rank 12
Rank 2 Robins/Saint v Pike/Stewart Rank 15
Rank 7 Robinson/Smith v Hill/Wilmshurst Rank 10
Rank 3 Mather/McLaren v Bartholomew/Rigby Rank 14
Rank 6 Bennett/Shepard v Coulthard/Symes Rank 11

The draw is like tennis so the winner of the 1st game will play winner of the 2nd game.

Next game is in 2 weeks time which is singles qualifying at Barossa where the top 16 will fight it out. If singles were this week 32 points would have been needed to get through.

Corey Wins His First Club Trophy – Finegan Sausage Sizzle – McCracken

Captain’s Report – Finegan Sausage Sizzle 13th Hole @ McCracken 3.2.19

32 golfers headed south looking forward to the 2nd holding of the Finegan sausage sizzle at McCracken. Many thanks to Dereen, Billy, Christine, Marty and Rosie for providing this great service on the 13th hole. Enjoyed by all and looking forward to next year. Ray McCard (mascot for the day) did think his sausage was a bit small but he often shares too much information.

Initially we had 35 golfers however 3 were missing in action. Brett Greenshields had a sore eye , Darren Bartholomew needed more beauty sleep and Greg Adam turned up at the wrong course , apparently he was looking at a 2018 program and headed off to the barossa valley!! By all reports he won the day, longest drive and all nearest to the pins. Well played Greg.

The course was dry , greens fine and early on the weather was hot and muggy until the sea breeze kicked in which made conditions more bearable. We had another 4 golfers play their first game for the year, welcome to newcomers Damian Murphy and Trevor Shepard.

Scoring was hot and the winner for the day with a handicap destroying (just before pairs) 43 points was Corey Mather. Runner up with a still impressive 42 points was Jonah. 3rd and wondering what do you have to do to win a round was Frank Poser with 41 points. Not many 41pt games end up 3rd. 4th with 38 was Peter Robinson, 5th was newcomer Trevor Shepard with 36 and rounding out the top6 was Robert Carthew with 35 points (off a hcp of 5!).

Just when there couldn’t be any more excitement Jonah scored the first eagle for the year on the 10th hole after claiming the longest drive on the same hole. Your a legend!!

Nearest to the pins went to Corey Mather (Par4) with a birdie and Billy Finegan had the nearest to the pin on the 13th hole and also sunk the birdie. NAGA for the day went to Jamie Coulthard with 13 points.

Drivers took a bit longer to get home due to a fire at Mt Compass and were diverted off the main road. I’m just writing this to protect people from their partners as most rocked up a lot later than normal. It was nothing to do with the extra beers..just sayin.

Pairs qualifying is on next week at Ashton Hills aka Mt Barker and 15 pairs have registered at this stage. Game on. Ashton Hills will also be the start of the eclectic too.

Ivan Wins His First Club Trophy, The Drummond – Sandy Creek

Another bumper group of 29 players drove north to play for the Drummond Golf Trophy at Sandy Creek. The course was looking dry and the greens were slower than normal , no doubt pumped full of water recently due to the heat. I’m not sure what the temperature hit today but it was nice to sit down after the game , it felt hotter than it probably was but the clubhouse was cold as were the beers.

No Ray McCard today, first time in awhile without his supervision and i’m not sure if this was a coincidence or not but we had 5 new players and prospective future members have a hit. Welcome to Tony Mudge, Doug Osborne, Rob Carthew, Keith Johns and Brett Hughes. This carried on from 2 new players the week before so the future is looking good.

The player that handled the conditions the best and scored a handicap destroying 41 points was Ivan Wootton who takes home the Drummond Golf Trophy. 2nd was Jonah , back in fine form again with 39 points (Colin McPhedran, surely that handicap has to drop eventually??). 3rd went to Peter Robinson with 38 points on a countback from Alan Hincks. 5th went to Dave McLaren with 37 points and rounding out the top 6 was Brett Stewart who scored 35 points.

NAGA for the day and playing with a handicap for the first time was Jamie Coulthard with 15 points. Longest drive went to Wayne Best while the nearest to the pins were Colin Hincks (par3) and Alan Hincks (par4).

Next game is in 2 weeks at McCracken for the Finegan Sausage Sizzle Day.

2019 Tees Off

The 2019 Season got off to a bumper start on 6th Jan, with 30 players out to complete for the first trophy of the year, the Buscumb Trophy.  A very warm welcome to new comers Jamie Coulthard and Terry Stephens. Jamie comes to us via the Clovercrest Hotel and Terry, despite being a mate of Brett Stewart, seems like a really nice bloke.

A shame that Ray McCard could NOT play out the full 18 holes due to poor eye sight. One wonders if he should have spent his money on a white cane, instead of the new Callaway Launcher driver for $400?

Despite some negativity on the new golf shirts they were a HUGE hit and we almost sold out on day 1. Some members even bought shirts for their wife and kids!

Also, it was really pleasing to have so many members paying their $80 subs at the first round – thank you and well done! And thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket, the raffle raised $133 for the club.

Scoring was high with Geoff Rigby having a great start to the year and winning the day with 41points. 2nd went to Ivan Wootton 40points, 3rd was Alan Hincks 39points, 4th was Darren Bartholomew 37points on a countback from Corey Mather who was 5th. Rounding out the top 6 was Jonah with 36 points. Tough to get into the top 6 with 30 players.

NAGA for the day went to Colin McPhedran with 23 points. Nearest to the pins were Chris Kellett Par3 and Brett Greenshields Par4. Longest drive went to Jonah which was measured out at 233m

BBQ duties went to new committee member Wayne Best who was trying to fire up the barbie for at least 5 minutes , pressing away until it was discovered no gas bottle was attached!! Better lift his game for next time.

Congratulations to Geoff Rigby on winning the first trophy of the year, the Buscumb Trophy.We are off to a great start, and I look forward to seeing you at the next round at Sandy Creek on 20th Jan.The Chairman’s Awards – 2019 Winter Golf Getaway