History – Cricket

Ingle Farm District Cricket Club was formed in 1973/74 and was founded by Reg Richards and Peter Ward with Stan Condous as the Chairman and we competed in the ATCA competition. In our first year we managed to win the A Grade Premiership with Reg Captain coaching the side.

The following year we joined the Prospect Association, we played in this competition for the next four years winning the premiership in our first two years.

In 1974/75 Reg Richards again Captain Coached and in 1975/76 Brian Morgan Captained the side.

Season 1976/77 saw Peter Wang arrive at the club as Captain Coach and proved to be a great appointment. We re-joined the ATCA comp in 1978/79 under Peter as captain and won our Fourth Premiership. Colin McCard won the inaugural Cricketer of Year award which is now named after Peter Wang.   Peter relinquished the Captain/Coach role in 1979/80 to Brian Rogers but served as Chairman over the next four years.

Another premiership in 1979/80 made it 5 in seven years. This enabled the club to move into the A3 grade, over the next two years under Brian we consolidated in A3.

Season 1982/83 saw Steve Sykes take on the role of Captain Coach. Steve took the club to the finals in his first year. In Steve’s 2nd year 1983/84 we played off in a Grand Final only to go down. This though moved us into A2 which was a great boost for the club. In this year Colin McCard won his 3rd Cricketer of Year.

Other winners over the years have been Glen Hollis, Ray McCard and Steve Sykes. In Steve’s third year and first in A2 we played finals only to go down in the semi. Peter Wang won the cricketer of year.   Three years seemed to be the time the club changed the Captain Coach role.

In 1985/86 seen the appointment of Don Smith as coach, Don was a former Sri Lankan and England international and Craig Fealy was the captain. The side was a bit up and down and we missed out on a finals birth.   Season 1986/87 Peter Holman joined the club from Port Adelaide and started a long association of Port players coming to Ingle Farm. We again missed the finals but in 1987/88 Peter took a blend of young and old to a premiership and a move into A1.

In our first Year in A1 with a very inexperienced side saw the club relegated  back to A2. Again it was three years and a new appointment.

Season 1989/90 Rick Massey and Steve Thurbon  joined the club from Gaza. They took us straight back to A1 by winning the Premiership. Over the years Cameron Pill, Peter Boase, Darren Nelson, Steve Duffett and Rick Massey won the big award.

In the next two Years we cemented our position in A1 although missing out on finals action.   Season 1992/93 saw the appointment of ex state cricketer Tony Handrickan. Tony was a very promising young state cricketer at one stage until a knee injury took its toll. In Tony’s first year we played in a semi and things were building. Season 1993/94 saw the Club win its only A1 flag in ATCA under Tony’s strong leadership.

 This was a fantastic effort 20 years after forming. The reins were then handed over to Tony’s Port Adelaide team mate Darren Anderson who played in that premiership. Darren captain coached for the next four years. In his first year we missed the finals finishing 5th. In the next three years under Darren we dominated the minor rounds to finish on top. Unfortunately we couldn’t pull off the premierships and finished runner up 3 times. Again there were some big names winning the Cricketer of Year. Rick Massey for the 2nd time, Tony Handrickan, Brenton Massey x 2, Darren Anderson , Steve Thurbon and Trevor Shepard.

Season 1998/99 saw Trevor Shepard take on the role as coach with Brenton Massey as captain in this season we lost the semi and Trevor won his 2nd in a row Cricketer of Year.

Season  1999/2000 saw the club enter a new phase. Junior Cricket had hit a stand still and financially we were struggling. In this year Dick Baker coached the club with Brenton Massey as Captain again. We narrowly avoided relegation. The season 2000/01 saw Andrew Marks appointed Captain Coach another Port Adelaide flavour again we avoided the drop to A2.

 Season 2001/02 has Steve Thurbon take on the coaching role for two years. In the first year Steve Rawe was captain and we finished 7th and this was an improved effort. In Turbos 2nd Year Stuart Hearn was appointed as captain, we narrowly missed the finals to finish 5th. Stuart was appointed captain Coach the following year 2003/04, we didn’t fair too well and we were relegated to A2 after 9 years in A1. Over the last 5 years Brenton Massey won his 3rd Cricketer of Year, Anthony Zappia and Barclay Matthews also took it out and Clem Bennett won two in a row.

Season 2004/05 saw Ray McCard move into the Chairmans role after being away for 16 years from the committee. The club appointed Graeme Yates from East Torrens as captain coach. There was some moving forward with the club playing in the finals in 2004/05 and finishing 6th in 2005/06.

Andrew marks returned as coach in 2006/07 with Yates as captain. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep improving and ended the season going down to A3.   The club was moving forward off the field but needed to regroup on the field. The club enticed former Player and Coach Trevor Shepard back to the club after a very successful stint at Grange. Trevor coached for the next four years. In the first season 2007/08 we finished minor premiers only to lose the Semi in a Council error. This though enabled the club to return to A2.

In Trevor’s 2nd and 3rd year we finished 6th and 7th and the move was to get back to finals and A1. Trevor in his 3rd year as coach stepped down as captain and Andrew Frackowski was appointed skipper. Season 2010/11 under Trevor and Andrew see the club play finals in A2 only to go down in a semi.

In 2011/12 and 2012/13 the reins were handed to ex Port player James Carson. In 2011/12 we finished fifth and 2012/13 we played finals.

Over the past 9 years, Graeme Yates claimed two Peter Wang Cricketer of the Year awards, Grant Lisk grabbed one, Anthony Zappia and Barclay Matthews won for the second time, Jimmy McCarthy and Chris McClean also winning one and James Carson taking out two.   2013/14 the club is aiming to win a flag to go with the 73/74 and 93/94 premierships.